Gruffalo Woods

 In 1-2years

To further the children’s interest in the Gruffalo, we set up a special Gruffalo woods tray for the children to explore! We had cocoa powder and oats to form our forest floor, a breadstick path for the mouse to walk along and a blue lake/stream. We added in stick puppets of the Gruffalo characters as well as our Gruffalo teddy and encouraged the children to explore. We felt all of the different textures and listened to the story as we played. We even got a special treat and watched the Gruffalo as we explored together! When the children had finished exploring, they each had a turn at creating a sticker picture with the Gruffalo characters! For each sticker, we modelled language by naming the animal, encouraging them to repeat and praising them when they had a go. We even had a go at learning some of the Makaton signs. What an adventure we’ve had this afternoon, well done Wiggly Worms!

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