Sensory Room

We have a marvellous sensory room at the setting, offering children rich and varied experiences which enable them to use their senses. The room is designed for our children to unwind by instilling a calm and tranquil space. This enables our children to relax and let their exploratory minds evolve.

The room is a decent size with a carpeted floor and has textured soft cushions scattered around. There are floating clouds hanging from the ceiling catching the lights as they are turned on. There is a tall translucent bubble machine and, when turned on, the air bubbles flow through the water, slowly changing colour. Also provided are stimulating treasure baskets for children to explore.

Gentle music is played to influence the atmosphere and the children enjoy the relaxing aromatherapy oils scented around the room. All children can access the room anytime of the day. The room benefits all, but does have a purpose to stimulate children who may have sensory difficulties. Children are not only supported from the effective staff but also other professionals from multi- agencies.

Our sensory room is also used for another purpose. At Christmas time one of our Nursery Managers, Joanne, creates a stunning grotto where the children can visit Santa and his elves. With the amazing, magical surroundings it takes the children into a world of fantasy. The Children sing songs to Santa and are given a present. Santa is so kind that he never forgets the presents for the children who don’t make the visit.

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